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Komprex brings the legacy of over 25 years manufacturing experience to bear on the production of composite components. We are a privately owned business under the direction of hands-on owners, who show total commitment to management and engineering. In conjunction with our associate companies we have established an enviable record in producing verifiable performance composite structures.

In composites the human hand and eye is just as important as the machine. This ability of our people to apply experience and judgement during the assembly process has been gained making thousands of composite components over the years.

Dependability is an absolute benchmark for high performance composite components, when lives rely on the process and part. We have developed our own "checklist" mentality based on an aviation background where getting it right in the correct sequence, to a given operating procedure, is the only way of managing a series of events. With this approach comes total repeatability and Komprex has established this feature as a cornerstone of its manufacturing systems.

Our customers expect zero defect quality and our workforce is committed to the principal that the work they receive and pass along is totally defect free. We have a rigid and unwavering attitude to compromise. Not on our watch.

We have earned the trust of our clients in motorsport, aerospace and marine applications.